Felicia GameJam – Audio & AI


On August 4th at 6pm our next GameJam will start in the FIN lecture hall (G29-307)!
For 48 hours we will develop games together in small groups. Stay tuned!

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It’s GameJam time! Our next GameJam is starting August 4th at 6 p.m. in Room307 Building 29 and will go on for 48 hours. It even comes with a special feature: We are given access to the tool entertAIn play from audEERING which detects emotions based on voice input and thus enables you to use emotion as input mechanic for your game!

A Game Jam is a gathering of game developers to plan, design and develop a video game together within a short period of time (48 hours in our case). People from various disciplines work together. This includes programmers, game designers, artists, 3D modelers, audio designers, musicians and many more. There are no winners or losers, it’s all about the experience of being creative and productive together in the shortest possible time! We will also offer support for newcomers. More information can be found at https://gamejam.de/audio-ai/

Game Award

You even have the chance to showcase your results by submitting them to our annual Acagamics Game Award! There is a special category this year for games combining audio and AI. After the GameJam, you will have time to improve your game and submit it until October 1st. Don’t worry if you only have a small game. The Game Award is about celebrating creativity and we are not competing with professional and commercial games. The winners of the award will be announced at the Felicia Festival in Magdeburg at October 29th. There, you also have the chance to present you game to a broader audience. For more information and updates you can visit https://award.acagamics.de/

Time Table

  • GameJam

    Participate at our GameJam. It is a great and fun opportunity to learn the game engine Unity and get in touch with experienced jammers! Furthermore, you get Access to the a cool tool developed by audEERING that helps you to create a game based on audio and AI.

  • Finalize your Game

    Finalize your GameJam game and submit it to our Game Award where we have a special category for games focussing on audio and AI. The deadline is on October 1st.

  • Game Award

    The Game Award ceremony is held at the Felicia festival which is located at the Gesellschaftshaus in Magdeburg at October 29th. There, you have the chance to present you projects to a broader audience at even win a trophy!


In preparation for the GameJam, you can have a look at the following ressources. Since Unity itself needs some time to install, think about downloading it before the GameJam. We recommend the latest LTS version which is currently LTS Release 2022.3.4f1.


You will need a PC, no matter if laptop or tower + screen, on which you can can work on during the GameJam. So for example Unity or other programs you like to use should run on it. If you want to create graphics for your game or record sound effects sound effects, feel free to bring some additional equipment like a graphics tablet or a microphone. Overnight we can store the equipment in a room in the FIN, so that you don’t have to carry it home so that you don’t have to carry it home every day.

A GameJam is a good opportunity to try out and learn something new. So you don’t need any special skills to participate. There will be some experienced jammers at the GameJam who can help you out. You don’t have to program at the GameJam and you can create graphics and music for your game instead.

Everyone is welcome to join our GameJam! Under „What skills do I need?“ we already explained that you don’t need any special skills, just some hardware (e.g. a laptop) to work with.

You will find a team at the beginning of the GameJam. You can simply join a group with a cool game idea, form your own team with friends or work alone. We have planned a group finding phase especially for this purpose.

It’s easy, just be at FIN lecture hall (G29-307) when the GameJam starts. If you can’t make it on Friday at 6pm but still want to participate, you can join us a bit later, there’s always a place in one of the teams. Contact us on our Discord if you have further questions.

You can always reach us by mail at orga[at]acagamics[dot]de . Alternatively you can write us on Discord, there we have our own server and are represented on the FIN Emporium server (under #vereine).

Of course, that is also possible. Especially exciting is always the results presentation on Sunday from 6pm.


No cold symptoms

If you have symptoms of illness, please stay at home. You can continue the GameJam remotely via our Discord.

Hygiene etiquette

If you have to sneeze or cough, please do so in the crook of your arm. You should also wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Please take food with you to your place and keep it there (if unpacked).